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Discover the hidden space behind your door!  With this innovative storage solution, the hinge to your door becomes the ideal place to hang towels, robes, belts, or bags!  Use it in the bathroom, bedroom, dorm room, or garage—anywhere you have a hinge!  Simply pop out the pin in a hinged door, slip the independently swiveling Hinge-It™ over the hinge, and return the pin to its place.  No marks.  No holes.  Just beautiful, sleek, innovative use of the wonderful inches behind your door! See us on HSN

Clutterbuster™ Family Towel Bar/White
Uses your door hinge: creates 6' of hanging space
Clutterbuster™ Valet Hanger and Towel Bar/White
Uses your door hinge: creates over 4' of extra space
Clutterbuster™ Family Towel Bar/Chrome
Installs on most top and bottom door hinges.